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Joined June 2009 and calls Damn Nobler Son home.

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Geek, singer, writer, college grad, pipe smoker, fedora aficionado, and barefoot runner. Overall weird person.


  1. Questions

    It seemed like ages since he had asked the question. The answer had seemed silly at the time, a Dear Abby adage perfectly suited to the lips of middle-aged gossips with too many soap operas under their bonnets. How will I know, he had said. When the ha...

  2. Welcome to This Week's Episode...

    “I saw it the other day,” says the lady in the ticket booth. “It’s a real good movie.” “Yeah, I know,” he says, "I saw it last week. They don’t make good adventure flicks like that anymore. The ticke...

  3. Valhalla

    There is lightning, far away, and after a long time there is thunder in the cramped cabin of our vessel. This seems normal to us, the way it has always been, but the new man, John, tells us only we hear the thunder. He explains how sound does not carry...

  4. The Dark Hillbilly Returns

    In a dark corner of the diner was a man in dark clothes and combat boots. At the counter was Dave. Dave didn’t pay attention to the man in the corner. He paid attention to the huge slab of sweet potato pie in front of him. Fork in hand, he scoope...

  5. Smudge (Mature)

  6. Friendly Discourse (Mature)

  7. Inspirational Type Stuff (Mature)

  8. Shameless Indulgence

    She could no longer deny it. She had tried to pretend he was normal. An average human being. Just like her. But the differences added up. They seemed so small at first, something she could ignore, but now she was faced with a truth from which she could...

  9. Negative Pressure (edit/re-post for Challenge) (Mature)

  10. Hic Sunt Dracones

    John pointed at the flapping thing on the rear viewscreen. “What the hell is that?” Goraidh leaned forward, squinting against the brightness in the otherwise dark bridge. “I would say that’s a dragon.” John shook his head....

  11. Negative Pressure (Mature)

  12. Sweeper

    May 12, The ship had been drifting out-system for over a week after the initial mayday. It was one of those messages. The kind that ends in a scream, which itself ends in a gurgle. Our ship, a Sweeper class lovingly called Blood ’N Guts, was depl...

  13. In the Distance

    Alex stared from his place on the battlements. He could see endless miles of prairie land, broken only by a wide river to the north. The plains began to roll into hills in the south, and in the far west was a thick forest. It all looked so close, but t...

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