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I love reading, writing, music, and babies. Not necessarily in that order.


  1. Early

    Lily stood behind the screen door, looking at Joshua. She took a too-casual gulp from her coffee mug, which she instantly followed with a sharp breath of the morning air in an attempt to cool her burned palate. “Still hot,” she coughed. Jos...

  2. Imperfect

    He drops a series of kisses on my neck like slimy, wet bugs, categorically unwanted. “I love you,” he whispers “I love you, too,” I say. To me, the words are truth and a lie. Even though I feel him hesitate, he slides his hand p...

  3. Into the Floorboards

    He looked at me, holding his backpack by its strap, suspended above the kitchen floor. I just stood there, gripping the counter, dumbly looking back at him with my mouth half-open. In the next room, I heard the baby crying while the public warning syst...

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