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Just a guy trying to find a place in this crazy world.


  1. Hello, I'm Mr. Moon

    I relaxed as soon as he walked through the door. This was going to be easier than I thought. He was a short, stumpy little man. His wore a coat that struggled to contain his body mass and a shirt stained with what I could only guess to be gravy. The sw...

  2. Waiting for class to end

    Susan was getting restless. Her professor was droning on and on about something. She wasn’t really paying attention. Its not that she isn’t a good student or even lazy. It was just Friday. This was her last lecture of the day. And she was ...

  3. When is a door not a door?

    “Who left the door open?” The yell came from the other room. “Oh, not again. I know I closed it when I came home.” “Well apparently you didn’t. You know what happens if it’s not closed all the way” The Ma...

  4. Baby's First Doomsday

    “Sammy, No!” Dr. Olsteen quickly snatched his son by the collar with one hand, spanked him roughly with the other then dropped him to the ground. “What did you do, you little brat?” He began to quickly turn at the knobs and pus...

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