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When I was very young, my mother told me I could be anything I wanted and I’ve tried hard to accomplish just that. I’ve driven a nuclear submarine, hunted squirrel with a slingshot, ran my own business, got kicked out of a midnight showing of Rocky Horror, drove a truck while talking on a CB radio, had an intelligence officer show me his badge, sailed across Long Island Sound in a rented boat, ordered food in a foreign McDonalds, rode on a firetruck in full gear with the sirens blaring, blew the engine of a car in the middle of nowhere, and appeared in a major motion picture (or at least my elbow did.)

Despite my colorful history, I live a fairly normal life in Maryland with my wife, two children, two dogs, two cats, and still find time to read books, write stories, and make others laugh.


  1. The Orion Brief

    The press assembly was noisier than usual for a Friday afternoon briefing. Given the hush-hush deep space probe and curiously silent military security for close to eleven months, Will could not blame the crowd below. His swiped VIP badge allowed a plea...

  2. Always Read the Fine Print

    “They say people are born with an innate goodness, a willingness to help others that is only erased after years of neglect or abuse. I disagree. You see …" The roar of an approaching transit grew louder and I shifted my grip on the danglin...