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  1. Goo Storm

    The sandstorm hit the wind breaks at Yuma in the afternoon. The town’s children were safe underground, ancient air units nursed into life to filter out any goo particles before they could reach the children’s lungs. Walter slipped his goggles down...

  2. The Watcher in the Woods

    It was a cold night in September when the small gray car pulled in front of the cottage at the edge of the woods. The sky was clear, and the full moon illuminated the warm vehicle in bright silver tones. To the watcher sitting within the trees, just ou...

  3. The House in Broken Cliff

    Broken Cliff. A small town on the Pacific coast. Nobody knew me there. For some reason, this seemed faintly ominous. Maybe that just made it all the more perfect. Now a small cottage near the woods. It was the last home from the end of the street, on t...

  4. The Man in the Stairwell

    Julian lives in a stairwell. He is unsure where the stairwell is, but he is certain that it is near where he was born, before they replaced the city with a building. His wife is coming to visit today. He has kept track of the date very carefully, paint...

  5. The Goo Prospector

    Otis the goo prospector digs his hole in the rubbery gray muck that used to be part of California. He wants to be rich. Just a simple speck, a molecule of potential is all. Stevens found one; he became rich when the goo grew a breeding stereo. Peck got...

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