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All I want to do is make you happy. And occasionally suicidal. And then happy again.

Is that so wrong?


  1. Fail Safe

    Charlie felt the skin sagging back on his face, pulling away from its proper location as his weight increased. He could swear his ribs were creaking, which was silly, because ribs oughtn’t make a noise until they snap. He tried to think of someth...

  2. Fluebottom, Sir Reginald

    Born in 1435 in Bumbleshire, Britain, to Brian, Earl of Surry and an unnamed serving girl. Fluebottom was a talented natural scientist who identified three new species of vole, and conducted experiments, detailed in his book, The Flammable Home, that i...

  3. Don't Know Art

    I couldn’t figure out how he made his sunsets look so good. I glanced at my canvas—my sunset looked like a rainbow, all bands. If looked away quickly, I could see borders between them, like a three-year-old would draw. Eight weeks of class ...

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