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Be me is the most painful think in the word.Cause i am a trouble mind,full with questions,searching in the dark paths of mind to find a answer.Why me ?


  1. Death wearing black

    Death Wearing white dress and walking black paths. Back from rocks. The death wearing black, black mask, men leaving their towers. T he victim wearing red velvet, walking in land that black orbs and death wearing black. Death wearing black and I am dea...

  2. I love you

    I love you and you know it.So stop to be so asshole you damn it !

  3. Dentist v1.2

    Well…eveythink is fine now.It was so cool with me.Now i do not fear them.So Happy :)

  4. Dentist

    I hate dentist…. damn them all……………i dont want feel pain…:(

  5. L

    L is happy,Today L have birthday,L is proud,L is a bit confused but L today loves :L) L=My name is Leyteris….so….L !

  6. .Feeling free In Greece

    Feeling free.Sleeping in my bed.Dreaming the tomorrow.Feeling free In Greece

  7. Feel good

    Feel good inc…………….. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&...

  8. Come see me(“My song”)

    rrr….I always want to escape just to relax from all this presor…i am alone.But i knwo what you did.You use my mind.Its all so sit the romanse of you. Well this is your end. So shit around you but now i must be right.All this death rise up.My mind

  9. For me...

    i don’t know why,… but i am so confused…I am so sad.I need you sir. Its to hard to school with out you…I am so sad. Day after day. Until i find a dead end,and i will stop.But now….i die

  10. 8or

    Like the god of lighting…you light my life.I am so happy when you are with me.You are so happy when i kiss you.I think that you love me and i love you.i think,i think that we are in love now.and i think that is dead end.But we will make it.We wil...

  11. Maybe you fall Marie-Sequel v1.1

    Now you are back to him.Ok then i will stand it but Marie,please do not forget me.I will be you friend 4 ever,i wish to be happy with that man.I just wish it….

  12. Fun

    I love when i spend time with my friends…it’s so fun. I love Hara,Lil,Fei,Goga

  13. Maybe you fall Marie

    Yeah maybe, i know you are all alone but you still have me,maybe your boy-friend is gone,he dont love you any more,he never does Marie…Plz leasen to me, i know-i know you dont need him need only….time to remind you….me. I love you Dav...

  14. I am so tired...

    As i wake up,i open my window, i see the Athens,the Acropolis…every think is so sick and tired,i die in my room,i am like a bird who cant fly,i want to escape,to run to the alleys,i see me in the showcase of the shops,but is not me exactly,is the...

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