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Tougher than asparagus is this rough life we leave.


  1. Detective Work

    Ari narrowed her eyes in suspicion. An amateur sleuth, she had a 6th sense when things were up; they were up now, in the vacant lot downtown. She moved in closer, sliding under the chain that blocked unwanted visitors. The square area was between two b...

  2. The Winning Spirit

    Swyke’s death would mean nothing, in the end, after all. Derex recounted his store of poison, rats, and TNT, frowning at it. He had to aim higher, for the greater good. That dastard had made a vicious blow to the party; revenge was in order. He h...

  3. Search Party: The Smugglers

    All right, gang, thanks for coming at this early hour, especially at such short notice. You know why we’re here. For all our sakes, we’ve gotta find every last one of these things before it’s too late. The shipment is due tonight in ...

  4. Welcome to Hellisphere, 1

    Sheila, or Shovelhead, as she was known, was just one of the many experimental births at Hellisphere, the corporation headquarters of Hellis Inc. The genlabs were deep underground; you had to prove you weren’t claustrophobic to work there—h...

  5. Shovelhead

    Sheila was born to be unusual. The doctor who assisted with the birth noted some odd qualities in the record book: wide, spatulate head, wide-set eyes, fused third, fourth, and pinky fingers on both hands. The adults who had designed her were unsure wh...

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