Over the Precipice of the Unknown; Into the Frontier of Uncertainty

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Name: DeVaughn Wilson
Aliases: (D-)Blast(er), (D-)Block (Villain), Don(i)
Age: Unknown
Origin: Earth, Milky Way Galaxy…allegedly
Ethnicity: Belizean American
Height & Weight: 6’ – 4" & 180 lbs
Bloodtype: Not applicable
Current Occupation: Volunteer Language Teacher
Profession: Maverick Storyteller

These Ficly scribblings are hardly fickle, sometimes fictional, and often based on actual events, but rarely told exactly as they actually occurred. Strap in and prepare to follow narrative bread crumbs down a rabbit hole deeper into my mad mind than most have dared to tread.



  1. Wayward Embraces

    There’s black, there’s white, and everything in between. Dark thoughts and dirty desires sometimes seem so clean. The logic is flawless, maybe raw but rational questioning. Yet, in my cozy grey area I find discomfort is growing. To find a s...

  2. A Prince's Tale #3

    “Your two year exodus has finally concluded,” Miser states before the Prince disembarks. “and as fate has foretold, you seem to stand a triumphant man!” Fesir says. The Prince, widely grinning, embraces his friends. “It fe...

  3. A Prince's Tale #2

    It was subtle but significant to anyone with undulled eyes. I’d come back to a land that had changed in my absence. Similar types of faces and places, familiar and foreign all at the same time. I didn’t realize how much I missed this place....

  4. Lunar Flare

    I stay cool cause I make moves in the dark, staying in a shadow you may as well think I’m shady… but don’t say it son. I’m so hot that when the sun looks at me it gets dimmer. Try not to get burned ‘cause I got that fire a...

  5. Just A Glimpse

    Time and life are flying by. Through my window I catch sight of a woman lugging a massive sack of something over her shoulder yet it’s bigger than her body. It’s just afternoon, but clearly she’d been working this hard for a while: ho...

  6. Careful What You Ask For

    “You’re being given a glimpse,” the anonymous voice declared. Of what? “Of the return to the source.” it finished. Where’s Clay? How come I can’t see myself? Who are you? The voice started again, “Clay is...

  7. Miniscule & Untied Yet Massive & United

    Hesitant to extend my hand, but enveloped in a world of stabbing questions. I hardly noticed that I was developing tunnel vision. Everything around me seemed to fade out of importance, and things that would only later seem imporant to have considered n...

  8. A Prince's Tale #1

    Immeasurably grateful for another revealing reunion with his childhood friends, Miser & Fesir, The Prince upon the very first sign of sun, set out to continue his voyage, certain to discover new wonders… Albanian cherry blossom trees abound. ...

  9. A Ship Far Out At Sea

    Despite rough waters, through which I have faltered, Still I wonder, if the journey has altered, Where once was my destination. Was this to be expected? A lighthouse illuminates A route back to familiar shores… But should it be accepted? I fear I...

  10. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    His last mad utterance urged me to think back in time, but I couldn’t believe what fell into place. “…but how—-You can’t be…” I muttered. Taking a long hard look into his eyes, I saw the truth. He decimated my ...

  11. Between Sinking & Swimming

    Some things don’t change. New country, but same state: Just out of range. Could I be feeling fate? My love for understanding unfamiliar surroundings, keeps me embracing what’s most challenging. They say we learn from each mistake, so I keep...

  12. Blackouts and Other Minor Malfunctions

    Beer, liquor, and Red wine often provide a good time. Some nights wind up incomplete, while others are bittersweet. She’s got just what I’m looking for, far surpassed all that came before. A brilliant radiance as I find her eyes, which outs...

  13. Beyond Above and Below

    “You think unconditional love and most forms of respect elevate you.” Miser claimed about the Prince. “While the depths that lie within leave you feeling neglected, unknown, lost, and alone.” Fesir surmised. It had been so long ...

  14. DeVaughn's Divine (Mature)

  15. Bound to be a Bachelor?

    Assessing my moral clarity, I take a tour through the Odyssey, which unearths some memories of my Mom…and how I miss her much. My brother has gotten engaged… but it wasn’t yet a year ago that this would’ve been unbelievable. Wha...

  16. Bleeding Hope

    Some nights… I want to cut out my heart because it sounds so sad beating all by itself. One rhythm of two, echoing only loneliness, again. Then I start to think, maybe i ought to drink… until my tears fall, in to my alcohol. Yet, since I...

  17. Dessert Before Dinner

    Wanting what I’ve yet to have; Having given up what’s gotten me closest to it; Now, while trying to stay the course, the craving becomes unbearable. Hopelessly sinking into sensations of searing sincerity, is I’d say Desire described....

  18. Eager Hamster Escapes the Wheel

    Time…If it were a river could you get to the head without letting it become the tail from another perspective? Is it possible to catch the future and prevent it from becoming the past? What if we could transform it into a lake? Make it a prominen...

  19. The Little Things In Life

    Savoring papercuts on still nights with slow-toned music and soft lights. Reading. Moments seem to stretch and shrink, as I work around my kitchen sink. Cooking. Extending heart and soul and fingertips, rapidly trading electronic blips. Chatting. Presu...

  20. Voyage of the Damned

    With so much out of reach here and abnormal back there, how can I blame the biting cold weather for my stale mood? From my frozen frame of mind, I force thoughts away which bring more misfortune. Quitting is not an option. Yet knowing that there’s no...

  21. What Awaits Us All

    “How is it you seem to know so much more than the rest of us?” Something about his quizical behavior reminded me of and engaged my own childhood wonder. “It happened so fast. When the light came I could not struggle, nor was I worried...

  22. ...That's when it happened

    My brother often gets lost in thought, but when I checked, his gaze was transfixed on the heavens. “Do you see that?” he asked. Curious, I too looked to the sky. Immediately I spotted an odd star cluster, which seemed to be swimming overhea...

  23. The Prince's Problem

    ~ Is a couple in the slums worthy of more admiration than a prince? …They having become Lord & Lady before he even acknowledges that he’s alone. ~ “My journey hasn’t been long but it’s taken me far from my kingdom. I b...

  24. Milking the Moon - V1

    It’s not completely dark out yet, but when the moon is up and the sun has set, we celebrate every chance we get. The freaks come out to play, careless for the next day. Consequences and their significance may over their decisions, hold no sway. H...

  25. Reoccurring Natural Disaster

    The quiet storm rages to life. Desires are pursued with the unmitigated ferocity of Mother Nature’s fury. With no more warning than from a strike of lightning, the earth between us begins quaking. Despite efforts to steer the freight train away, ...

  26. Lesson from Poseidon

    Panic is pointless, but my heart is still racing. Sinking, faster the more I relive my sinning. Be it delirium from drowning, or a vibration from unbeknownst…I heard / felt sinister laughter. When my lungs couldn’t hold out any longer, the ...

  27. Windows Full of Trouble

    My wandering has brought me to a place I wouldn’t have found, had I been searching. However, I was guided to this place…and now that we’re alone, I’m confronted with sensations & temptations I should have championed long ago...

  28. Beyond and Back

    “When you look up at the night sky what do you see more of; star light or cosmic darkness?” When the man stopped and approached me with this question I was speechless. He began a rant that he was bizarrely invested in conveying, “It a...

  29. I Don't Mind If I Die Trying to Live

    Getting up, I creep to the peep hole and peer out. Darkness stares back. Unfortunately, I have no light in the stairway outside my apartment door. No matter though, because I knew the knock had come from within. Whether trouble, adventure, or fortune a...

  30. Fleeting Time

    Seconds bleed, minutes flee, hours disappear. The sun sets to rise, and to my surprise, the weekend is already here. Trying to be careful, as not to be wasteful, but what have I to show? Past options are torment, my future lay dormant, there’s ju...

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