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  1. Hiding Place

    The scream I had to stifle rang out as his chill breath caressed the nape of my neck.

  2. All Grown Up

    “I know you’re there.” The darkened bedroom was still and silent. A car passed by outside, headlights illuminating the posters of moody, teenage vampires and their girlfriends. Annie leaned over the edge of the bed and folded her arms...

  3. Sleepless

    I pulled my jacket tighter around me and shivered as the cold wind blasted straight through it. Just a few hours ago, I’d sat on a bench in Central Park, enjoying a late autumn afternoon, and now I was freezing to death at the top of the Empire State...

  4. Beta Test

    The dim desk light threw a warm glow across the keyboard as tired fingers pecked at worn letters. A clock ticked, the second hand monotonously marking time, seconds into minutes, minutes into hours. Crushed cola cans leaned drunkenly against a stack of...

  5. Chase

    I yanked the wheel to the right, the seat belt slicing across my neck as the car leaped away like startled prey. The SUV shot past, skimming paint from my front wing, sudden red lights shining in my eyes. I stood on the brakes and swerved around the ve...

  6. The Question Is...

    Tibetan prayer flags flapped all around me. I pulled my scarf tighter across my face. The monk, unfazed by the cold air, sat cross-legged on a frayed cushion, his eyes closed. “Excuse me,” I said, with a polite, British cough. “Can you help me?

  7. An Appointment

    I placed my palm to the worn brass plate, pushing the door open. A wave of warm, smothering, smoky air washed over me. People brushed past me on the narrow pavement, but I ignored their impatient rudeness, concentrating on what was waiting for me withi...

  8. Hang On

    Shards of shattered glass rained down on me like a razor-sharp snow-storm as I ducked my head down, feeling pin-pricks of pain in my hair and on my neck and shoulders. Above, the fireball rolled out into the night sky, scorching my skin. I heard pierci...

  9. Against The Flow

    I risked a peek, pulling back the heavy, velvet curtain. A lance of moonlight struck the flagstone floor. My glance told me everything. They were out there, the burning torches, the clashing, scraping sound of metal on metal as pitchforks and scythes w...

  10. Forget-me-not

    I don’t know why I always feel like I do when I look at the picture. I’ll sit there for what feels like hours, holding it in my hands, curled up at the end of the couch, gazing at the fading, sun-bleached image on the curling photographic paper. Th...

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