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  1. Caveman Dave Speaks

    Can you believe that guy? I mean, really, the nerve of some people. I mean here I am, sitting outside the cave with Debbie, watching the hotsticks, minding my own damn business, and that asshole Og comes over and clubs her on the head and drags her bac...

  2. Smells Like Tyranny

    It’s not that I condone fascism. Well, actually it is. There’s nothing quite like it, really. Waking up every morning knowing that an entire population has to follow your every whim or face horrible, unjust punishment, having a legion of ja...

  3. Rise Up

    Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump They could hear the sound echoing across the field. Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump A cloud of dust rolled across the horizon. What the hell was that sound? It was the sound of hooves stomping across the meadow of oppression. The po...