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I’m a very curious being. I like to entertain myself with li’l projects indulging said curiosity. English is not my first language and I believe Portuguese to be the most wonderful language in the world. I don’t speak Portuguese. Yet. Someday, I hope.


  1. Napkin

    Stripes of rain p.uz.z.le my reflection on the train’s window. The old lady sitting next to me tells me her destination and asks me to wake her if she’d lose track of time and fall asleep. “Oh, losing track of time would be nice”...

  2. I Love Cheese!

    One of the things I want more than anything is to write, and I want my words to be perfect. I know, there isn’t such thing as perfection. Still, I want my writing to be short but intense, funny but serious, deep even if shallow. I want my writing to ...

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