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  1. Jailbreak

    In no particular order, she makes sure she has: -iPhone -brush -chewing gum -a photo of him at the cabin -keys -wallet She backs out of the gravel driveway, not bothering to look for traffic. It is late, and he is waiting. On the radio, CentroMatic. Qu...

  2. Survivor's Guilt

    Anna closed her eyes and again imagined her step father standing above her 24 years ago, thin lips and thinner hair, asking her about her day. Anna’s 1868th day on earth had been unremarkable to that point, and might have remained so had her moth...

  3. Daydreaming the Truth

    Lately, my fantasy life has taken something of a twist. It started off innocently: I found that by imagining just an extra few steps taken by Shelly from the front counter, I could easily reroute her from the water cooler to my desk. She would look aro...

  4. In the Midst

    At last. It was a shining, golden hour, like the sun had moved closer to earth. A hyper-real, hyper-luminous glare, light stabbing furiously at earth, plants, trees, grass. “Maybe this is what happens,” she thought, wiping fog from the pain...

  5. Living Here

    It didn’t seem that big at first. The house grew, seemingly, more dank corners and mossy hallways with every visit. After 5 or 6 half-mile hikes up the overgrown path in a year’s time, Jackson was certain that something was awry. Paint crac...

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