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I am a new writer just looking for creative ways to “prime my pump”.


  1. Lander's Rule

    I was sitting at the bar getting ready to head home for the night when the call came in. As an independent, when a call comes in, I take it. There is no such thing as “normal business working hours” in my line of work. “Hey Nick, what’s your av...

  2. Rebirth / Kindness of Strangers (II)

    She looked around again, “and Dr. Green?” she asked me. “He had to step out.” I hedged. “No doubt,” she said. She looked somewhat disappointed but not surprised. “My own fault really, I should have told him before we got here. I just wasn...

  3. The Road Home

    Believe me when I tell you, we come here by necessity and not by choice or design. This place is foreign to us. My own best diplomat took one look into the long blue void and had to be sedated. They call it sky sickness; it’s just unnatural to be in ...

  4. Rebirth

    Dr. Green stepped out of the room as I started to work. No stomach for tech I guess. Humans are like that, very uncomfortable with robots that look like them. For a long time there seemed to be an unspoken agreement in the manufacturing world that a ro...

  5. Suvivor's Lament (part deux)

    I’ve seen my fair share of shit since this thing started; we all have. So I don’t get why no one else fucking understands that there is no “getting through this”. And that smell! I bet when you watched all those zombie movies gr...

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