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  1. Tug of War

    The beggar looked up at him gratefully, mumbling something incoherent. He was missing a front tooth. Gavin stepped away from him, using a hankercheif to wipe remnants of the bird poop off his face. His wife, Julia, bursted through the doors of the cour...

  2. Trouble on the Lawn

    I’m sure the fall broke my neck. The trick was just hoping no one came to my aid. A woman with a giant schnauzer walked past. “Oh my god!” She screamed. Her skirt twirled in the wind as she lowered herself to the ground. It looked lik...

  3. Remember When?

    Perry followed his trainer into the dim office space on the 37th floor to collect supplies. Tropical plants were spaced at regular intervals on the left. Nameless other plants that evoked memories of elementary school biology class were strewn about th...

  4. numb and numb'er'

    Casey’s eyes felt like they had been used as a rag to clean up dust in the warehouse. Her co-workers surrounded her, engaged in an enthusiastic conversation revolving around cereal and ice cream. Casey kept her gaze averted, focusing on opening t...

  5. Blue Pages

    I just received a call from an old friend at work. I stopped seeing him six months ago when I accepted another job out of state. He was a much needed confidante when I needed a shoulder to lean on, and I thought of him often that first month or two. We...

  6. morning steam

    Back home, Stephen stepped into the shower. The warm water immediatey washed the sweat from his face and body as he applied a dab of aloe lilly shampoo to his hair. When the steam began condensing on the shower doors, Stephen used his finger to trace h...

  7. Stuffed caricature

    Darrin watched a giant stuffed animal wobble around the slot machines. Sometimes he wished Ryan never visited him in the first place. Now, he couldn’t even sleep at night without his face pressed up against the shirt Ryan left behind. The stuffed...

  8. Prisoner Exchange

    The paper was so smooth it felt like it was just printed—a practice used up to the 21st century when paper was still necessary. Each of the nature trails were so intricately drawn that they seemed to compensate for the shape of the bush on either...

  9. Top of the Food Chain

    However, in the corner of the lunchroom, Greta was watching. She was one of those simpleton housewives whose hair was parted neatly down the middle and ran down her neck, switching direction at her shoulders in something of a bob. What she was most con...

  10. Message Delivered?

    Tucker’s phone rang. Fake Brenda was standing further down the nature trail, facing him. “Hello?!” “’Honey, what happened?” Brenda asked. “What is my ‘double’ saying to you?” “She’...

  11. Sacred Place

    “My friend…” Charles began, fidgeting. “Yes?” The Judge asked insidiously. Even though it was broad daylight, the glint in his eyes was just as pronounced as the glare that emanates from the eyes of one of those wolves tha...

  12. Escaping the Present

    The train continued rumbling toward the station. Without the man’s confirmation, Charles had no way of escaping the present moment. The muscles in his neck were already beginning to tense. All he could do was watch the train’s approach with...

  13. Chambers

    It was a warm summer night and the club was going boomps, boomps, boomps. Rainbow lights illuminated a sea of strange faces and glittered sequins. Xavier took a detour into the handicapped stall, bragging to a friend back home about how much better the...

  14. Waiting

    “Here is our telephone number if you get lost,” the man said. “She doesn’t have a cell phone. I can walk…” John insisted. “No,” the man said, authoritatively. “Take a seat.” The man watched John behind the bulletproof glass, the gl...

  15. Beyond the Scaffolding

    Julie and Geoff rang up customers together. Julie got along with everyone, even Geoff. Her last name was Hess, like the gas station. Geoff pressed the button for receipt tape and drew a picture of a woman smiling, naming her Julie Sunoco. Under the dra...

  16. Break in Communication

    Charles and Joseph exited Ripley’s Believe It or Not, approaching a strip mall. Joseph was a few feet ahead; the strap on Charles’s sandal was digging into his skin from all the walking earlier. “Can’t we walk a little slower or...

  17. Where is Elvis when I Need Him Most?

    That night as Elvis slipped further out of my mind, like mucus down a larynx, I awoke to shouts of laughter and feet pounding down the second floor balcony outside. The mirror mounted on the wall opposite my bed undulated with shadows as the crowd pass...

  18. marvaso mayhem (ch. 2)

    “Damnit Sammy, where on the purchase order did you see two dozen assorted Spireas?” “I’m sorry sir, but we’re out of the Tiny Todd’s for 2703, we had to substitute something to fill the gap.” “There you g...

  19. Trouble at the Office

    “Hi, my name is Eric, what seems to be the problem?” “I am trying to fix a paper jam, but am not having much success,” the intern replied, stepping aside. “My name is Jewels.” “Nice to meet you, let me see wha...

  20. marvaso mayhem

    “How do we get to Marvaso from here?” Chip asked, squinting into the sun. “Just keep going straight for a few more miles, then turn left at Thomas Vineyard,” Alyssa said, painting her fingernails electric blue. “Do you rea...

  21. shot down

    James looked upset. “Della, how can you say that?” Della’s hands began crinkling the paper bag closed, into a ball. “Della, I love you!” James repeated. Della continued crinkling the paper into a tighter wad, as if to drow...

  22. first contact

    we are that which remains unseen, between two cherry trees and the sound of cars in the distance. the bright early morning bristling, according to your limited personal and professional obligations.

  23. Shoe Dial, part 2

    “hey bud,” he replied. craning neck to see knees bent lounging in front of tv on floor bringing empty frozen food trays with bits of rice left inside back to kitchen. “how was ur trip?” “how was the tip?” he mishe...

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