A girl in a dress

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I’m Eden Young
I enjoy writing and doing things most people don’t do.
I’m a unique individual
Mighty Joe Young is my father and Jesi was my wonderful step-mom


  1. Shoe salesmen

    A shoe, A shoe come buy this shoe Get in here , you know you want to Where is the other one you say? Come inside, just walk this way Don’t even try another pair this is the one you want to wear just one bill and they’re all yours shoes and...

  2. In the dark

    Its not fuzzy nor clear but the road in front of me simply disappeared I feel as if i’m walking in a square Yeah I turned the corner, but I’ve already been there I can’t comprehend whats keeping me in I’m walking the same way ag...

  3. Still here

    Reaching deep inside my heart I hear the cries In just one blink it reaches my eyes I fight it off with a couple of huffs but its alright she says, I don’t have to be tough she knows me to well I cannot lie I feel her close and I know sheR...

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