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Can you write a biography in 1,024 characters or less? I’ve never tried. Here are the basics: I’m Emily. I’m 17.

Here are the not-so-basics: I’ve been writing since I can remember, and the large majority of my stories have never had the privilege of passing about 1,024 characters. So I figure that this is a good medium for me. My longest story—writen for National Novel Writing Month—is significantly longer than most of my others, which throws off my average. (I’ve always hated outliers.)

I could never write without music.


  1. It's Been A Sorry Few Months

    I found out that my dog had cancer on the day that we returned home from my uncle’s funeral. He was young, Uncle Joe. He had problems with painkillers. I think he killed himself, but no one will tell me for sure. I don’t want to ask my pare...

  2. La Infanta Margarita

    The Infanta Margarita refused to be still. Frustrated, Mercedes knelt down to the little girl’s eye level. “Mi princesa, you must be good while good Señor Velázquez paints the king and queen. Doña Carmen has promised you sweets, remember...

  3. I'd Take Boring Over This Any Day

    Nevada in January was even worse than Nevada in the summer, I decided. In the summer, Gramps had his mini swimming pool inflated, and we could lounge around with lemonade and library books. In the winter where Gramps lived, it never snowed. It almost n...

  4. Consequences

    I’ve always said that if I could have a superpower, it would be invisibility. Flying, x-ray vision, super strength…those just aren’t my style. Cool? Absolutely. Useful? Not as much. Invisibility, though—you can get a lot done wi...

  5. Impact

    I’m in the living room having my first beer of the night when I hear a crash and a scream. The crash doesn’t scare me—my Mellie isn’t exactly the most coordinated person I know—but the scream does. I grab my gun, which is ...

  6. All the Good Stuff

    How many stories start by describing the weather? “It was a dark and stormy night,” “The sun was shining down on us,” “Blah, blah, blah.” Weather is boring. I’ll tell you what’s interesting—events a...

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