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I’m a 17-yr old high school student from the U.S. I love party dresses, excessive amounts of snow, eating watermelon and singing at the top of my lungs.


  1. Why Is It Always Me?

    Why is it always me?, I think, reflecting on my earlier escapades. I always have had…strange luck, but this was just ridiculous. Certainly God must have a sadistic sense of humor concerning my general welfare. Just the other day when I was protec...

  2. A Strange Way Indeed

    When I first heard about, I wasn’t sure how to react. Instead, I simply blinked. “What?” The idea that I had, in some way, created, shaped, and formed memories in a distance plane of existence utterly took me off guard. It didn’...

  3. The Twa Sisters

    I didn’t kill her. What I mean to say is, it wasn’t me who pushed my younger sister into the river to to meet a watery grave. In fact, I didn’t want her die at all – but minstrels still insist in adding me in the ballad as the e...

  4. The Truth I'll Tell

    “Are you going to tell him?” Alexander looked up and saw John staring down at him from where he sat, a pensive look on his face. “I don’t know,” Alexander sighed and rested his chin in his hands. “I mean, I should te...

  5. Stand by Me

    We stood there, he and I. We were alone, and silence filled the room. Neither of us wanted to speak first. After what seemed like eons, John spoke up first, albeit downwards at his shoes, and said, “I…I’m so sorry for what I’ve ...

  6. Sesquepedalian Loquaciousness

    Eleanor thought her day would be normal, as it usually is, until one of her books started talking. The book in question started talking when she pulled the book unceremoniously from its perch with a swift yank. “Easy there, miss! Could you please...

  7. Arson

    The city was ablaze. No one knew who started it, or why; it wasn’t of the greatest importance now. Saving the city was now; the petty criminals would have to reckoned with later. Buildings were ablaze with fire, charred to no recognition, crumbli...

  8. Lost

    Well, I’m lost. I knew I should have brought a map, but I overestimated my knowledge of the area and decided to go without one. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere, without the faintest idea as to where I am or where I’m heading. I wande...

  9. One Life to Give

    I sat, waiting for when my time was called to be sentenced to death. My life was to end today, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was to be hanged, as is fitting for a spy (who are the lowest type of soldier) and would soon see my Maker. I wa...

  10. Experiments

    I knew my life would be changed when I saw my parents in the sitting room, talking to a well-dressed stranger. The three of them were in a deep conversation; it apparently wasn’t going too well, for there was look of worry on my mother’s fa...

  11. Why

    James couldn’t sleep. This, however, certainly wasn’t new. Ever since Nathan’s passing, he had become a changed man. Emma and Charles had become accustomed to his midnight roamings, sitting under the same tree, almost every single nig...

  12. Enough

    “Beatrice please, listen to me! It was just one time-” “Once is enough,” Beatrice cut in, sharpness in her voice. Alan started again. “It’s all just a great misunderstanding! I did not do anything with Milly Weaver.&...

  13. Run

    Nathan never ran so much in his life, even when he was a young boy. Of course, back then he didn’t have to run for his life, as he had to do so often now. What made it worse was that he often had to escort a certain Boston girl from one place to ...

  14. Breath

    The first time his breath came short was when he saw her. She was wearing a simple dress, made of calico, and her hair was done up in the latest fashion. She had the most beautiful hair, the color of honey, and her eyes were a beautiful blue. She was w...

  15. A Model of Purity and Chastity

    It didn’t take long for it to happen.  And Alan didn’t notice.  “And he never will,” he said to me, staring at me with those sharp blue eyes.   I tangled my hands in his red hair and pulled him close.  The kisses.   The chaste and the ...

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