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I am a college student, firstly; a lover of both the conventional and the unorthodox. Dichotomies in fiction particularly fascinate me – with the concept of opposites attracting and whatnot.

Otherwise, art remains to be my secondary passion – I sketch, and paint with watercolors and acrylics mainly, and hope to collaborate with my current English professor in the creation of a children’s book; the illustrations therein would be my works. So yeah – I’ve got my fingers crossed for its completion and publication!


  1. Little Mistress.

    It was not as if Mary was contrary, like the infamous children’s rhyme proclaimed. It was just…a rather inconvenient time to be telling her ugly information, that’s all. She didn’t usually have to stay at Grandma’s house, but she did make a v...

  2. Earl Gray. (Mature)

  3. Outrageous Commands and Contrasting Demands.

    “Oh, this is really quite dull,” declared the bored Queen. “Just bash in his skull. I don’t want him seen.” With a start and a hop, the nearest poor fop Ran straight for the fellow wearing trousers of yellow, And, right in...

  4. Torn.

    An avalanche of snow could not bury her any deeper. Indeed, the dress seemed far too luxurious, the jewelry too magnificent – too genuine. Nothing around her was anything she deserved. She wanted more, but also…less. The house was a mansio...

  5. Vestige of a Kiss...

    Small things – such as the unwashed dishes on the counter, or the dirty undergarments thrown on her side of the bed – irritated him. He would look around the house, noticing each and every single thing left unfinished, undone, until he woul...

  6. Dirty Old Man?

    He whistled in appreciation as he piled up his groceries. “I’ll bet you’ve got all the boys after you.” Stacy granted the old man a pained smile; her hands now moving like lightening as she scanned each item. Honestly, on her first day? “Ther...

  7. Missed Opportunity.

    “You’ve gotten married.” He stated with a slight gasp, as if he couldn’t believe he was too late. “Yes,” said she, simply; she glanced fondly at her ring. “I have. He’s a wonderful man, and pursued me for years. I just didn’t notice ...

  8. Veracity?

    “A girl got raped today,” I said forcefully, slamming down my glass of milk as though it were poison. “That’s what happened.” He grimaced, though in genuine disgust or just because it was the expected reaction from him I couldn’t tell. ...

  9. A Conversation between Cousins.

    “He said he wasn’t gay, so he isn’t. End of story. I don’t see how it matters to you.” “It matters because it’s stupid and unnatural. People being attracted to their own sex – how lame is that? How creepy is that?” “...

  10. World is Collapsing.

    Her wandering arms faltered, and she concentrated on reaching air first, before attempting to stand in the now chest-deep slime. Her diary must have fallen in the ruckus, and was probably ruined, laying sodden and useless underneath all of the gunk. St...

  11. Hair.

    As Cecil ran his nails through her hair, Mary couldn’t help but realize that she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Even if a bug crawled up her ear and ate her brain, at least she’d die a contented person. This was enough. People went on and on ...

  12. Pulse, Faintly.

    At a glance, love seems so fair, A chivalrous king and passionate stare. Awaiting reality is like drowning – There’s no hunger. And no happiness. Existence is merely the crowning Of the opalescent pain, The multifaceted gem of wanting Craving, nee...

  13. Misandry

    You spy on me one day, as I sit in the window, Feverishly scribbling down my woes on simple Student paper, akin to a sorry two-year-old bawling Over spilled milk – a mistake they in no way should have Made. Next thing that I know, my work is crinkle...

  14. Fire-lit Fight

    A kiss fell upon a pearly white shoulder, while a feminine hand snaked around a lithe torso. “Haven’t you forgotten about her yet? Don’t you realize I adore you?” Silence from the other party permeated the room. An uncomfortable edge poisoned t...

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