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With the wind at my back, I am immovable…
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  1. Impending desperation

    The clock seemed to never stop running. The farther into depression, the farther away from May. Nothing seemed to make sense, everything just blobbed together, as one great mass. Time was inescapable. Emotions fell farther from sight Lifeless I sat wat...

  2. NO CODE

    Thoughts were racing a million miles a minute as the voice in my head became soft and calming “here’s the point you decide to stay or go.” The light became so surreal. “Isn’t it beautiful” the voice said. My thought...

  3. Permeated

    I walk through the hall after your footsteps as they hasten… I smell your cologne as you put it on fresh first thing in the morning as if it were still amidst the air as I walk behind you… I know you’re here, yet I miss you suddenly ...

  4. Past Pondering Death

    The moment you looked into my eyes I felt life flow through me. As I see into your soul you touched me. You grabbed me my heart melted. Faster than any I ever fell in love I was taken. Not just a moment a life. You had me wrapped around your fingers. ...

  5. I am Face!!!

    I am face who am I? You ask cunningly yet I walk away Standing in the shadows I hide my scars you will never see me you will never know me you will know who I project onto the world as who I want you to know so who am I? I keep walking through the city...

  6. Hell (Mature)

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