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Who am I? it depends what you go by blood birthplace or where you live Hmmmm Im defiantly a Kiwi cos I was born in Auckland NZ & spent the first five years of my life there blood Scotts English n Danish …. I’m also a Watfordian! Yay! I like Watford home of the Glory Hornet boys! Hmm less said about that the better me thinks….. the best things I’ve done is have my smashin kids Marvin & Ashleigh marry my wonderhubby Andrew BUT most of all falling in Love with Jesus!


  1. Cricket

    " Cricket" “Yes, what about It?” " Tell me about it" “What ya wanna know?” “Everything,…. explain it to be” " Have you got a cold?" “Yeah ib a bit bunged up, but I feel ok...

  2. Ode to Stella

    She was only 4’11 a little tiny bundle of Irish fun! Her heart was bigger than she was! She loved India and the people even more. She went out there many times, preaching & singing her heart out to her beloved “Abba” father, her d...

  3. What a weird world!

    I sit here in the dark most of the time. That’s OK, I’m quite happy really . But every now & then I get to go outside & bounce. O I do LOVE to bounce! Sometimes we go on a journey, me, my mates & the leggy balls… ooh it&#...

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