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  1. Cherry Red (origin +4)

    “Oh, alright then,” I said. It didn’t appear that I was going to get control over what I was to be called. “I am your guide. Please, come this way.” I’d have betted that he was a biomod if there’d have been any...

  2. Cherry Red (origin +3)

    I turned to see a man, slightly taller than I was, dressed in a royal blue military style uniform. It had a double row of brass buttons down the front, which had clearly been silver plated at some point, but the gilt was rubbing off and the dull orange...

  3. Cherry Red (origin +2)

    My fingers suddenly reminded me that I had taken my gloves off and it was bloody freezing. I clumsily pulled the mitten back on, which was not easy as my fingertips had already started to go numb. For fear of my ears and face meeting the same fate I qu...

  4. Shoot The Immortal Cat

    GET OUT NOW That was what the sign said, anyway. It was attached to the one behind it with plastic ties, in such a way that it could be flipped over to read the other notice. The one behind it read: WARNING: The old woman has bulletproof metal legs and...

  5. The Palace of Ice (origin+1)

    I carefully stepped down onto the damp concrete, looking around. There was a small ticket office, but the window was iced up and it looked fairly deserted. I pulled the cherry-red sheepskin mitten off my hand and fumbled in my pocket for the small gold...

  6. The Palace of Ice (origin)

    “All off here! All off here for the Palace of Ice!” I stood on the steps, watching the station draw nearer as the train slowed to a stop. Further back on the platform, the ice claimed its right to be above the concrete, but heating pipes un...

  7. Dark

    Fear me. You’ll die. All of you are going to die. Look at me. I wander forward, all long black hair and amber eyes and sharp white teeth. Who am I? The blade held in trembling hands will be of little use, didn’t you know? Pretend you’...

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