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Hi I’m a 15 year old writer trying to get out of writers block :)


  1. The bottomless pit.

    It has always been one of my strongest opinions that the Cockney accent was rather vulgar. I instead preferred the softer tones of people who lived even further south than London, in cities like Brighton or Southampton. So when the news presenter on BB...

  2. She smiled at you today.

    She smiled at you today. A sweet smile that probably had little meaning behind it other than a greeting of: ‘Hello, how are you today?’ But it made your day. You wondered to yourself later why it had been so significant. Why such a small gestur...

  3. 6 Word Love Poem...

    Falling… Falling…. Falling….. Falling…… Falling……. Gone.

  4. Smile at me again

    I walked past a church as I made my way to my destination. It was modern, and from the outside you wouldn’t believe it was a church. But I knew it was, because it had replaced the one I had gone to when I was a little girl. For a moment or two I ...


    I accidentally posted twice and it won’t let me delete it :(

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Je suis' Followers (2)

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