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  1. Spire

    The pariah’s on fire And won’t you admire The airship goes higher In etherial mire The luminous sire Draws everyones ire To capture the wire For strings of his lyre To play for the spire The bastardized squire The questions inquire Will he ...

  2. Scrawl (Mature)

  3. Oops. Didn't mean to post this... (Mature)

  4. Bobble (Mature)

  5. Flower

    Staring into the sky you can see the profile of each platform above you, jutting out of the side of the temple like petals. In the distance you can see other temples rising up like mountains, but the edge of your platform curves away, blocking your vie...

  6. Paper

    Greg looked like death. His eyes were sunken with dark bags beneath them, and his skin was dry and papery. He’d picked the cafe to get out of his home. Too many books there. Nothing, had more to say than a book. Even here, he could hear the chirp...

  7. Shore

    After your ship was attacked by a monstrous black, metal serpent, you spent the next day aboard a small dinghy with the only survivors; yourself a strong warrior of Pelor’s court, an elven wizard with a veritable library inside her multi-dimensio...

  8. Voice

    “He’s lying…” said a wispy voice between us. She just looked at me in shock, which quickly changed to disappointment. I couldn’t say anything, so I just sit there, her hands in mine, with that same half-truth-smile on my f...

  9. The Dark House of Aundiere

    The house of Aundier on the hill warns no one enter, and all look away. A red moon crowns it the night that we must venture there. Animal tracks cross the path, but do not leave, beating the ground muddy towards the house, as we do. On and while we wer...

  10. Muse

    Two-hundred, thousand years is a long time to hold the same job. To live with one mistake. Even He can’t be so ignorant as to deny the change in all things. Still, she knew they’d get to her soon. Her superiors would abandon her to watch li...

  11. Simplicity

    The original magical flying device was enchanted with a remarkably advanced spell, intended to derive some means of achieving a given goal. This magic quickly fell out of favor, as its impartial nature often lead it to undesired results. For example. T...

  12. Mouthful

    I want you to know something before you kill me. I want you to know how terrible it is to be dead. You can guess by my appearance that I’m not at all comfortable. What I can feel is mostly cold and pain. Hunger obviously, always hunger, but we...

  13. Priorities

    Some figured something broke, but others swear they saw something, massive and indescribable, pass through, leaving ripples in time and space. Of course, all of them are raving lunatics, but that’s the English for you. Blow everythin’ out o...

  14. Flight

    One step at a time To take the flight But I look up And I can only stair

  15. Flashback: Stain

    The silence was maddening. No, not silence, vacancy. The air ducts whispered and the engines made the entire station hum, but here you couldn’t hear the shots, or the screams, or the panic as hundreds of civilians were rounded up to be… sor...

  16. Door

    XJ followed the pipes and wires in the ceiling to an unremarkable door labeled Processing Hub. Black wires ran in a hasty tangle up and down the floor, convening to disappear beneath the door and into the room. That’s a bit off, he thought, this ...

  17. Caught

    I got caught. Impatient. Suggested they hold the funerals all at once.

  18. Rides

    Consider the world a theme-park, separated by an infinite number of gates, each section holding rides of greater excitement and wonder. Mathematics being th key to each of these gates. Surely this warrants math a fair measure of prestige. However, the ...

  19. Squatter

    As best as a faceless mind could, CAL scowled as the bright speck drew nearer at some obscene speed. It had popped out of nowhere last week, dropping from a space-time bubble or some nonsense like that. He scowled as the offending blip synchronized orb...

  20. Connection

    I don’t usually go to Starbucks, but I’ve got a gift card, and the food here’s good (if expensive). I also don’t tend to buy wifi while I’m here, but this is too good to pass up. Please don’t think me a voyeur, it...

  21. Chicken Man

    The sky was sickly yellow in the twilight as the factories all over town belched toxic smoke into the air. The setting sun set the industrial park aflame with fierce orange light and long shadows. Small groups of people could be heard yelling and clamo...

  22. Run, Boy, Run

    Scratching quill along parchment, etching words into time. Only these words mean nothing. Teacher expects this done tonight, twenty pages to go. Bearded man, a kind face that you tell you’d rather be reading Twain. Don’t like politics. Smil...

  23. Problem

    Well y’see… ah was checking out yer bit rate there, and ah noticed yer PRAM wasn’t getting enough ethernet, which as you prolly know uses a lot’a binary. So ah popped open tha hard drive and sho’nuff, tha CPU ain’t b...

  24. Weeks

    And it’s just four weeks Till I hear the good Lord speak Doctor says it won’t be long Till I’m dead and gone… He couldn’t remember anything but the refrain, but he sang anyway. His small voice sounded thunderous as it echo...

  25. Round

    Darren’s call woke me at 2 in the morning. He had something he wanted to show me, wouldn’t say any more, and I stupidly went along with it. So here’s me, freezing, in the middle of the park, cursing Darren’s stupid face and thes...

  26. Take

    After the first time, he tried to get out, but that distracted him, made him forget what he was doing. Soon he’d given up and fallen asleep again, only to wake up in horror. Then, he tried pacing. But after a while he felt silly and sat down. Onl...

  27. Sci-Frat

    The other houses stared Their plans were oh so trivial Compared with Delta-Theta And their unique angle Bottles filled their yard Emptied of their contents But urgent labels on their sides Gave them other portents They hadn’t had much time The th...

  28. Stone Door [Smartass Version]

    The group stood before the intricately carved door that blocked the entrance to the caverns. From the back, the wizard read aloud the ancient text that was inscribed above the door. With a authoritative swagger, the wizard pushed through the adventurer...

  29. Box

    Time travel isn’t actually a matter of bending space-time. There are no wormholes here, just what amounts to the world’s most technological box. It doesn’t go anywhere, or in fact DO anything. The superfluid shell is incredibly noisy,...

  30. Champagne

    Jeff was one of those really cute, awkward geniuses. I love him for that, but romance made him nervous and bumbling, so he hadn’t proposed yet. We were walking home from the lab one evening and the campus was just glowing. He was talking about th...

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