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I am a classical musician that loves to dabble in other arts as well, namely writing! Check out my website, my friends and I run a podcast advertising fake products and services.


  1. Raindrop

    Awakening to a new and strange world, I fall briskly through the turbulent air. Freshly birthed from Mother Cloud, I descend with my brothers and sisters to the unknown lands below. The wind whips me from side to side as I continue towards my place of ...

  2. The Evening Watch

    A nearly cloudless night. Crisp air flowed freely across my body. The beautiful light of the celestial bodies shown blissfully upon my pale complexion. All seemed perfect with the world as I continued on with my evening stroll…although a tinge of...

  3. Widow's Window

    Widow Marion was not the average widow. Only married 11 years ago, then to lose the love of her life in a tragic accident at the place of her husband’s employment. She sat in her quaint (and now lonely) bedroom peering out a large stained-glass w...

  4. The Park Bench

    Every day an old man sat in the exact same spot on a park bench observing all that was around him. Never wavering or deterred to return to the bench each day, no matter what the circumstances were. A wondrous sycamore tree towered over the bench offeri...

  5. One Man's Trash

    Tears dripped slowly from the walls of the decrepit abode. Stairs cried with the anguish of memories of many years neglect. The foundation wobbled with insecurity. Paint faded to various bleak shades. What a drab sight it was, but it’s inhabitant...

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