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  1. A Cautionary Tale

    “They came at night, destroyed our crops, killed our women and children yet we have done nothing about it! These beasts have made the ground within our parks tremble for decades, but we have just stood by and watched. There was no way to see it c...

  2. Citrus Fruits Kill! (Page 2)

    This could be an odd side affect of citrus fruits resulting in the eaters horrible, horrible death. Here’s is a list of things to do and check off if you’ve been eating citrus fruit. *Burn the fruit. Burn it all. Don’t breath the smok...

  3. Citrus Fruits Kill!

    HNN’s scientific fields corespondent, Dr. Albenhoff, has conducted a long straineous project to find the affects of citrus fruit on peoples health. Over one-hundred people were fed citrus fruit, from age 2 to 60, and observed over hundred and twe...

  4. Countdown

    5 George looked down at the picture of his wife he’d brought on the discovery. He sighed; it would be three weeks before he got back from the International Space Station. 4 Mike nervously checked the ships structural integrity. All the astronauts...

  5. The G.P. Buraeucracy

    Linus sat in the pumpkin field during Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear and shower him with presents. Linus sat in the same spot for two hours when suddenly, arrising from a tangle of vines and weeds, came a large, floating pumpkin twel...

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