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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one” – Jojen Reed – A Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin.


  1. Gone but Never Forgotten

    The slender figure of a woman appeared through the mist, her appearance was ashen as her pale skin was almost transparent, apart from the single teardrop that rolled down her hollow cheekbone. The expression she gave whilst she looked out onto the stil...

  2. A lost hope

    “Will I ever be good enough for you?” it’s unbelievable the amount of times I have uttered these words to you. Through all different types of emotions; sadness, anger, frustration…Yet it still doesn’t change your opinion of me. I can unde...

  3. The beautiful people

    Her long, bitten nails dug into the arm of a worn out sofa. Staring into the dimly lit television screen she cursed vicious words out of her quivering mouth. Looking perkier than ever, her moronic blonde substitute was laughing and waving in front of t...

  4. Alone for the first time

    Tears roll down my pale face, I hated him, I hated the monster who did this to her, how could someone be so coldblooded.. I glanced behind me, since the accident I haven’t been the same; I had always been the gutsy one, the backbone for the two o...

  5. The one i will miss most

    We had been bestfriends for our entire life, i can remember the day when i first met her, the sweet innocent girl who was too shy to answer the door it was she who would become my bestfriend. We had grown up together, sharing secrets and stories never ...

  6. Life of a star (part two)

    The thing is Brooke wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she had been brought up in a council estate; having to care for her younger brother and sister whilst her alcoholic mother was throwing back vodka after vodka and having a joint. She w...

  7. Life of a star (part one)

    Brooke Andrews was the most successful actress in New York City; having an incredible personality and looks any girl would die for, she was the envy of every woman she passed by. Throughout her career she had always been assigned to the same strict rou...

  8. People who stay unknown

    I sit here, looking out my window, thinking how every single person that walks past me has a life, a life that no one knows about when they’re behind closed doors. Mothers push their prams and take their children to school; fathers are dressed in sui...

  9. The girl who had no name

    The slender figure of a girl appeared through the mist, her appearance was ghost-like as her pale skin was almost transparent, apart from the single tear drop that rolled down her cheekbones, her expression was solemn, though she looked as if she was l...

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