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  1. To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

    She was running, running from her abusive stepfather, running towards freedom, spurred ever onward by the haunting melody of her own ragged breathing. Suddenly, a hand closed around her arm- He watched pensively as the girl’s every action played ...

  2. A Living Death

    Huddled in perpetual fetal position, she gazed listlessly out at her pitch-black surroundings. Somewhere deep within the lonely recesses of her tired mind, a memory stirred, reminding her of who, where, why she was. Blind and deaf, she could only feel....

  3. Double-Edged Words

    “What an idiot!” Wiping away tears of laughter, she eyed her best friend as he picked himself up from the floor, hair and clothes now an unspeakable disaster. “You’re really stupid, you know that, right?” she taunted. Utte...

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