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  1. My mind's on other things

    “Please don’t tell anyone,” he said. I didn’t look him in the eye. Instead I stared at the tree. It was right over his shoulder. When I’m nervous I do that. At work, some customers have commented on it. “Are you talk...

  2. So hungry

    At the restaurant, we picked at our plates mechanically, glancing every once in awhile at the other’s meal, wondering who would give in and ask for a bite first.

  3. Late night

    Measuring my self-worth and value on whether a guy wants to fuck me. It’s what my mama always taught me, it’s what my daddy tried to do to me. You can’t take this feeling away from me. I’ll hold my head up high around you. Make ...

  4. Sometimes I can't think

    The dance beats don’t make any sense outside of my body. But they still make me shake, groan, twist my head and arms, to and fro. I wish I could record what’s going on in my head. My bed. It’s a clang. Some drum beats. Banshees scream...

  5. Roadside dandelions

    When you said you’d take me on a date, I didn’t think you meant your room. No matter how beautiful you think your art is. When you said you’d give me flowers, I didn’t think dandelions from the roadside. I don’t want your ...

  6. I died to make you feel guilty

    When she said goodbye last night, I didn’t know it was goodbye forever. I joked around like usual, turning my face away at the last second, letting her kiss me on the cheek. “C’mon, Joe.” She settled back onto her heels, looking...

  7. Liar

    He watched Jen as she danced with friends. When she stopped, she took a sip out of a clear liquid and leaned her head to listen to a friend, laughing. They were all dressed up, except for her in a t-shirt and jeans. After awhile, she set her glass down...

  8. First try's the worst

    The drink left a bitter aftertaste. She tried her best to compose her face in order to not give offense. “You don’t like it?” her friend asked. “No, no,” she said. “It’s… okay.” She raised the glass...

  9. Reinventing the hampadoodle

    She blew her nose noisily, then tried to take a deep breath. Nope, not yet. She grabbed another tissue. The cold still hadn’t run its course, and her hampadoodle, full of snotty, gross, used up tissues showed for it. Usually full of crumpled up s...

  10. Watching

    He watched the girls do cartwheels. Their hair flew and whipped around. They were all laughing. Even when the sprinklers came on. It was odd seeing normally prim-and-proper girls getting their hands dirty in the ensuing mud stew. He wondered how dirty ...

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