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A firm believer in caffeine, music, laughter, and moleskine notebooks.
Wasting time, talking to inanimate objects, and tripping over flat surfaces are among the many things I’m good at.

An original ficlets user, and I believe I have (at least) three other pen names here on ficly, yet I lost the password and I cringe whenever I see what my lonely eleven-year-old self used to post online. I suppose a fresh start will do me good. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my work! ❁


  1. I'm Yours

    Hey, you. Yes, you. I sit right next to you, did you know that? I know you never expected this to come from me. You never thought of me as that type of person. You hardly even knew that it was possible for more than two words to ever leave my mouth. Bu...

  2. September 6th

    I fell in love on the sixth of September when you looked at me for the very first time. Your eyes told me that in every curse there was a blessing to be found, and perhaps you were the godsend I was searching for. If I turned to my right, my past was s...

  3. Bright Lights

    I stood on the pavement and watched as a puddle of rainwater periodically changed from shades of green to yellow, and yellow to red. It seemed the downpour had stopped just so Jason and I could get our bags out to the car. The trunk slammed shut with a...

  4. 16

    So, here’s to being sixteen. Here’s to crying my eyes out and slashing my wrists one night, and to blasting music with the windows rolled down the very next. Here’s to eating when no one is watching, and shoving dirty clothes under my...

  5. A Way Out

    “Sometimes running isn’t the answer to everything.” “I never said that it was.” He continued to dump the contents of his drawers into his black duffel that never seemed to fill. When each drawer was emptied, he slammed i...

  6. Running

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” “What does it look like? I’m getting the hell out of here.” “Jas please don’t do this. Not now.” “Easy for you to say, you’re already done w...

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