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Digital vagabond and opportunistic slacker, I’ve yet to find anything I can master for aptness of first ruining through a thorough shalacking of indifference and self-pity.


  1. Following Nathaniel.

    I’ll be going for it, despite already letting myself go horribly astray due to some wacky dental hijinks. Nathaniel birthed the idea, and I saw his genius and latched on. Kudos to kaellinn18 for taking it a step further!

  2. Soon...

    Julie clicked the mouse again. “We’re working on it! Promise!” the message assured her. This was the sixteenth time in four hours that she’d clicked the button, by her math. “Every fifteen minutes,” the technician ha...

  3. 23 Over The Limit

    The speed he traveled at was second only to the speed at which his mind was racing. The wall, however, lacked a velocity.

  4. A Day Behind

    A light blue hue reflected off close metal walls. You’d imagine the smell inside the empty dumpster would have kept me awake, or the plodding of my vibrating cell phone as it wiggled around the pool of vomit in front of my face… But it was ...

  5. A Forgotten History, A Forgettable Future

    Blanked and forged in the chamber of a silversmith in Italy, it was smuggled with sundries by a Bishop to England. Once there, it was used by royalty in so many ceremonies it could have be the focus of its own religion! Only, when it was to be transpor...

  6. Red Dust in the Wind

    He grounded her? On Mars? She stormed to her quarters, fists clenched tightly, fingernails digging into her skin. She punched her locker, sat, and stared out the window, over the Martian plain. Everyone had been working nonstop for months since they la...

  7. A Captive Audience

    There he stood again, staring at the mostly barren storefront with a splash of red along the floor. The snoring woman sat in the corner of the room, unmoving yet again. No matter how often she blacked out, eventually she woke again and started gasping ...

  8. Not quite a tap,

    I could smell the thunderstorm. Every time I smell them up until now, I shook uncontrollably. Not quite a tap, but nowhere near as hard as the loud ‘pop’ made it seem. Now, the sound itself? That was horrible. You could hear the cracking of...

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