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  1. a

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  2. False sense of security

    Most nights the wall was untouched, but then others brought multiple visitors. They quickly learned that leaving a tag up a while got them more results, perhaps lulling the spray-can assassins into a false sense of security. There were several repeat o...

  3. @Starla

    He actually paid attention to his FriendFeed, no matter how his gf complained that he didn’t. It was welcome peace to hear only from people that knew him, and not the mindless scathing grunts of an audience of trolls. He took note of what they we...

  4. Assignments

    He awoke to the vibration of his phone before he heard it’s alarm. There was something disconcerting about that quiet low-frequency sound that made it more effective than the loudest buzzer. A quick slide on the touch screen, and after an eight h...

  5. Monkey on my back

    In a corner of the screen the video feed from his backpack panned side-to-side scanning the room behind him for anything of interest. Beside it was a feed of messages being sent to him from strangers from all over the world. They were all watching the ...

  6. Headsets

    Ridiculous as it looked, his glasses were the less elaborate of his two headsets. The other had binocular cameras and high-res displays in both eyes not to mention built in stereo headphones, and a boom mic. He could only see the real world when he ran...

  7. Morning

    Was it just his imagination or was the backpack heavier. Its hard plastic shell was empty, aside from the netbook humming its exhaust out the vents in the side. It was hot from lying in the sun soaking up solar power to keep the batteries charged. The ...

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