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Jessica Brown is a lifelong fan of horror and dark fantasy whose work has been featured in several print anthologies. Her first novel, Teahouse, is forthcoming through Library of Horror Press.


  1. The Cuckoo's Nest

    Please, just stop crying and listen to me. No, listen. Just listen. I’m sorry I made you feel unimportant. Yes, I was wrong. I was drunk, he was drunk, things just happen sometimes, you know? It was a one-time error in judgment. I’m never g...

  2. The Good Witch

    In her father’s desperation to find her a new mother, Suzie and Dad fell prey to a shrewd woman with two nasty daughters of her own. Moving into their home atop a hill outside of town was one of the worst days in her young life. It was tall and s...

  3. Antique Glass

    She was already drunk when she stumbled across the bottle. At the bottom of the closet, shoved in the back beneath musty clothes, it sat unassuming and unremembered, a relic Kelly hadn’t known she owned. It was covered in layers of dust and thick...

  4. The First Breakup is Always the Hardest (Mature)

  5. The Anything Goes Call-In Show (Mature)

  6. Sexy Console (Mature)

  7. Old Standby

    I hate coming up with new material. I write and write but nothing ever seems funny anymore, not even when I read out loud in front of a mirror, posing and pulling faces. Whatever I might have had is lost. I can’t expect to have my own HBO special...

  8. Figmental Sharks

    It was a mistake. She knew that now. Carrie like to smoke pot, tons of it, but until this morning that was all she’d ever done. When Tony had handed her the gelcap, with a smile on his face, she hadn’t wanted him to think less of her. No, t...

  9. Deep End

    I didn’t know it was there at first. My husband likes to cover the pool, rain or shine, every evening before turning in for bed. Protects the liner and helps keep the filtration system from working overtime. I got up this morning a bit earlier th...

  10. In the Fridge

    It was hot outside, and mowing the lawn had been an exercise in torture. As the sun beat down, I felt my skin grow sticky, my clothes clinging to my back and legs as I moved back and forth across the grass. The afternoon rode on into evening, and my ou...

  11. Giving Up Her Dead

    I saw my first dead body tonight. Twenty odd years I was able to avoid it, which is probably some kind of statistical achievement in itself. I was on the shore, beyond the boardwalk, past the lights that were winking off now that the tourists had gone ...

  12. Outside

    Fear followed me into the kitchen this morning. She was wearing grey, as usual, and grinned as she sat down across the breakfast table from me. “Hope,” she said, chuckling, “do you really plan on going outside today?” She reache...

  13. Red Dogwood (Mature)

  14. PMP

    I bought my iPod from the Apple Store, new in the box. It was sealed, and it’s pretty safe to say that nobody’s touched it but me. I unpacked it and plugged it in to my laptop, and everything seemed fine. My music, my videos, my podcasts, t...

  15. The Headline

    There it was, on the front of the Weekly World News. LIGHTNING BOLT STRIKES TURKEY – AND COOKS IT TO A GOLDEN BROWN! “No shit,” said my brother. “No way is that real.” Dan was a year older and prided himself on being a cyn...

  16. Hurricane

    “There’s a hurricane coming,” she said, giving me a dirty look. “Yeah, and?” “And you should probably go outside and move all of that crap you left out in the yard into the shed. Unless you want it flying away, that ...

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