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  1. Aquila Blue Label

    It wasn’t unusual to locate production in deep space. Faster than light travel was already very common and huge swathes of natural resources could be found in nebulae, comets and the like. It was, however, unusual for Ms Linhart to make such a la...

  2. Midnight Road

    Driving at night had always been very special to Milo. As a child he would take every opportunity to accompany his father on midnight deliveries, mesmerised by the stillness and tranquillity. This affection had continued into adulthood, and he made sur...

  3. The Worst Ability

    “So you specialise in these circumstances?” Timothy asked hesitantly. “Yes, but we concentrate purely on the psychological issues. We can’t help in determining how your abilities work”. Dr Isabel Ortega, very much a people...

  4. Normal or Afterlife

    “I must..have the..phone” he whimpered before losing consciousness completely. A tickle on his forehead roused Lee, though he was not ready to open his eyes. He assumed that he must be dead; surely nobody could survive a gunshot at point blank rang...

  5. The Treble Zero

    “Beckwith Road” muttered the faceless passenger. Yet another ten minute companion on Colin’s route. Only the sixteenth of the week, five days in. Colin had become acutely aware of the most mundane statistics in his time driving the Al...

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