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Jean is an aspiring writer, web designer and sometime virtual assistant. She also knits, is a whiz with a glue gun, and is learning to sew and play bass guitar. With two novels in the revision stage, she’s a busy, busy gal. Her husband and their pets, an energetic chihuahua and two rowdy cats, keep her grounded, lest she spend too much time with her head in the clouds.

Most of her old ficlets c an be found at http://ficlets.ficly.com/authors/jeanjeanie . The rest are hiding out at http://jmbauhaus.livejournal.com/tag/ficlets .


  1. The Knocker

    A little blue house sits at the end of the lane. It is always freshly painted, and its lawn freshly mowed, though no one can say when these things get done, or by whom. A stone path leads up to the porch. There are windows. There is a chimney of red br...

  2. Sleepless

    Cindy loved her husband, and the dog. She wanted to love sharing a bed with them both just as much. Sometimes she did; but, as she shoved aside the tiny body curled up on her back and burrowed her head deeper under the pillow that failed miserably as a...

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