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I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman – a musician, a writer, an artist. I’m a music student by week, and a hospital secretary on the week-ends. Both provide ample opportunities for strange stories! I’m working on writing fiction – it doesn’t come naturally to me. Please let me know what you think of my poor effforts!


  1. I Picked the Hat

    It takes a lot of effort to enter the exalted ranks of The Hatters, you know. You can’t just buy a hat and learn the 38 secret uses of mercury, oh, no. The Hat must speak to you. You must be chosen. More importantly, the specific color is importa...

  2. Green-Eyed Monster

    “Wow, it’s so awesome (I hate you so much) that you can do that thing (I will win, you can’t stop me) but you know, I did that last year (and I was SO much better at it than you) and it was no big deal.”

  3. we hadn't spoken in a year (Mature)

  4. The Fat of the Land

    I cowered in my bed, hoping against hope that my covers could hide and protect me from the tall, seductive figure silhouetted in front of my window. Her hair undulated to the floor and her eyes glinted violent, violet silver in the moonlight. “Co...

  5. Deus Ex Machina

    Marion landed like an avenging goddess, stabbing downward with all the fury of a woman scorned. Her blade struck sparks from the arm DEM. threw up to protect its face. The next second, she was flying through the air once again as the robot tossed her a...

  6. Nothing Comes to Mind

    Her hands rose to the keyboard, poised to take flight. They trembled, then dropped back into her lap. Over and over she did this. Tears dropped from her eyes, splashed down her nose and cheeks, fell on her hands. And yet, she typed nothing. Hours passe...