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  1. We shouldn't have been on this ride. (Part 2)

    As we began to rise into the air, I took a peek at him. He was struggling to stay calm. I could tell he hoped that I would come to my senses and yell for the operator to stop the ride. It wasn’t going to happen. When the spinning started, so too ...

  2. We shouldn't have been on this ride.

    I knew it as we were in line, and I just as surely knew it while we were being strapped in. It was a frenzied, whirling dervish of a ride, with multiple two-seat pods that twirled round and round; flashing multi-colored lights added to the confusion. M...

  3. Navan Fort

    People are buried beneath the mound over which my little children tumble. Kings and queens, knights and priests, they all raise a contemptuous wail when my pretty ones cartwheel and roll down the side of the mound. All the while, the smile my children ...

  4. *

    It was evening and the frosty Paris mist had descended upon the city at an alarming rate. His tall, thin figure darted between the shadows of the lamp light.

  5. Thanks, Ma.

    My grandma tried to frighten me into the Faith. To be quite honest, she tried to scare me into every single virtue she’d thought worthy. When I would terrorize my little brother or shove clothing hangers into the piano, she would pretend to cry a...

  6. Damages

    I was never a doll. I’m covered with bruises and scars, both visible and emotional. I’m covered in stories. I spent my childhood tumbling around my neighborhood, shunning the Barbie dolls purchased for my amusement and education. The dent i...

  7. Thomas

    I notice him first: the shock of red hair, nice shoes and a spring in his step. He has this light in his eyes that instantly draws me toward him, the moth that I am. Unfortunately, he immediately notices my cheesy smile and his eyes zero in on mine. An...

  8. Underneath the Chestnut Tree

    She glanced through her window, beyond the lace curtains, at the chestnut tree that stood guard and shielded her window from the street. She looked down and saw a flash of white beneath the chestnut’s lower limbs. The glimpse quickened her heartb...

  9. Passionfruit

    The air surrounding her was thick and sultry. She sat there, wilting. She was being drained of whatever freshness she possessed. She sat there, wilting, ruminating upon life’s great many disappointments. She thought herself silly. She saw herself...

  10. The Gate

    My head hurts again. I need it to stop. Blood everywhere. Hands drip with it, hair matted. I’m darting in circles. Pounding against the tall, tall walls. Panic takes hold as I keep colliding with dead ends and dry leaves. My horror erupts in a li...

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