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  1. The Train Symphony

    The pines and oaks were angry as they bent and broke flying through the air like projectile missiles. The wind howled loudly as the clouds grew darker. The door on the white house clapped at the wind and trees as they continued with their symphony. The...

  2. The Boys of Macon County

    “I’m not opening that! You open it!” The little boy with the chopped brown hair shouted as he shoved his friend, Kyle, forward. “Remember Mr. Greene? In the back of Whitman’s funeral home you dared me to touch him and I d...

  3. Subway Ghost

    “Excuse me, coming through, move out of the way!” The long gray-haired man with the crooked nose shouted as he limped through the roaring subway crowd. His hat was covered in oddities, his plaid shirt was inside out and he reeked of urine. ...

  4. Ignorance Has a Name

    “Momma, why are those boys laughing at you?”Beth asked scowling at the two scraggy boys sitting on the sidewalk of the loud, dusty playground; the teachers had assembled the entire third grade, waiting for the last day of school to end. ...

  5. Looking through the Scope(part 1)-revised

    When I was twenty-eight, I was a highly sought after hunting guide to Hollywood’s most insane and socially awkard celebrities. I had always found deer hunting to be the most appetizing of sports. It was where my dad and I walked side by side; som...

  6. Looking through the Scope( Part 5)

    I awoke to the smell of burning rubber and my throat was dry as a desert. There was smoke beyond the crumpled metal all around me. The sun was at eleven 0’clock. Hours had gone by and yet I was still alive. My friend, Larry, hadn’t been so ...

  7. Looking through the Scope(Part 4)

    As the Piper Aztec was plummeting, I looked over at Larry who was crumpled in the pilots’ chair in the cockpit; wishing that I had made time for flying lessons. I grabbed the controls knowing that I had to try to land us on the tundra down below ...

  8. Looking through the Scope (Part 3)

    Larry and I waited two hours for Sebastian. Larry was drinking down the last of his juice and getting ready to pick up some clients just north when Sebastian walked in. “Sorry about the wait.” he said. I could see white residue on his nose....

  9. Looking through the Scope(Part 2)

    Sebastian Sinclair was a sight to behold. He apparently always wore some kind of black leather ensemble wherever he went. He looked out of place in the thick of the Alaskan Wild and from the moment I met him I had an embedded dislike for him. I really ...

  10. Looking through the Scope

    I used to be a deer hunting guide to Hollywood’s elite. When I was twenty-eight, I was highly sought after to guide Hollywood’s most insane and socially awkward celebrities. I had always found deer hunting the most appetizing of sports ever since I...

  11. The Prank Club

    The boy with the thick, black, rimmed glasses entered the auditorium of the school at exactly 4:00 p.m. His friend, Fred, waited outside the door, just in case anyone was lurking about. Now at 4:05 p.m.the boy with the glasses had already planted the ...

  12. Supper

    Mr. Pulman sat at the dining room table, waiting. He could hear Sam and Eli washing up in the restroom and the baby was climbing up on the chair beside his mothers’ saying “My spot”. After washing up, Sam and Eli flew to the table lik...

  13. Take Out

    She opened the freezer, saw her aunt. “We’re eating out!” she yelled.

  14. Moving On

    The last time she saw Jacob, he was sitting in the swing by the oak tree in Canton Park. It was the swing that no one ever sat in anymore because it was worn and the chain had been rusted for years. Had she known that it would be her last time to see ...

  15. The Purse

    The woman, with the big diamond ring on her left hand, went to the back of the crowded bookstore and waited. An hour passed, she got up and walked through the bookstore leaving her purse there. She climbed into her red, Volkswagen and sped away. Her ce...

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