Kale Xahn

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  1. Falling Out

    Nestled in my lap, dense curls of red, Bouncy spindles of fragrance, Further down, soft white canvas, Her face, Little red vein under left nostril, Peaking behind concealer, Pursed doll lips, Summer eyes like algae at the bottom of a pool, Engulfing, A...

  2. Baited Breath

    I hear the keys jingle beyond the door. It must be her. It’s been three days. She tends to disappear, but rarely for that long, not without calling or briefly showing up for clothes. Anger, fear, hurt; bastards of my longing descend the ladder of...

  3. False Gods

    I plop down under the oak that used to bear my mother’s silhouette, back when Dad and I threw the ball after Sunday morning mass. Youthful watercolors streak across the sky. The park pulses. The wind offers some rhythmic relief a midst the stagnant h...