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  1. Kindling

    As with most couples, people often ask them how they met. Usually she would spin some story about how they met in a bar, casting glances back and forth until he bought her a drink. But I know that’s not what happened. The truth they keep between ...

  2. The blink of an eye

    At first it was just isolated reports. A quick, inexplicable spike in the mortality rate. Rumors started spreading. Whispers about where these deaths came from. Governments and scientists denied what was happening. But the rumors kept growing stronger....

  3. Freeze Frame

    As she sat down opposite of me, our eyes met for a split second. However brief the moment was, as soon as I looked into those emerald pools the beast inside me woke up and roared. For years it had been restrained, locked away in a dark recess of the mi...

  4. The Interview

    “So lemme ask again… who would pay for this?”. The spectacled man leaned over the metal desk and looked me in the eyes. His eyes glimmering with expectation. They’d been asking me questions like that for the past hour – where...

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