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Hello, I’m Courtney, but my internet name has an always will be kasdeya. :3 I’m a teenager. I love to write, and I suppose I joined ficly since I prefer to write short things rather than long stories, which I find tiring and tedious at times, and I often lose interest in a book. I love music, and my favorite animals are crows. :3


  1. Murderer's View

    The man crept around the corner. He pulled a sleek, silver knife out of the pocket on the leather pack that was strapped around his side. His eyes, shadowed by the hood of his black sweatshirt, watched the man up ahead in the dark alley as he took out ...

  2. cold blood ballroom

    Evaline Etheridge swayed back and forth with her fiancee, a tall, dark haired man. His name was known widespread across the dark city of York, England-Alastair Vanderbilt. He was an earl from a rich family, and their marriage had been decided when Eval...

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