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Well, frankly, I’m a guy who loves to read and write. So, my friend turned me on to this website, and I love it. I’m not a survivor from ficlets or anything so i’ll be getting the hang of this. I also kinda like photography, and i take alot of pictures and post them, mainly outdoor plants and wildlife. It’s pretty fun. I’ll change my “buddy icon” everyday with a new picture i have taken, so this will be interesting. Well, it’s summer so i shall be writing alot. See you around.

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  1. Please, Dad Just Quit!

    My pops and I are driving down the open road. Music Blaring. Enjoying a summer day. Now you see he is old school and likes to listen to his 70’s and 80’s music. He used to drink alot in high school and through his early 20’s. A major...

  2. Life is so, so short. Cherish it.

    As Lucy walks with her dog Max along the street, she doesn’t notice the car driving up behind her, but Max perks his ears. She takes it as nothing. The car’s driver is drunk and completely out of it. He doesn’t notice Lucy either. He ...

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