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  1. May 27, 2010

    The dog, finally released from the rope which had been holding it to the post, ran off yelping and limping just a little. I turned to my friend, who was grinning inanely at his actions, and grimaced at the memory of what had just transpired. “Wel...

  2. May 22, 2010

    “Daddy!” cried the beastly girl who had dragged her unwitting father into my store, “I want one of those!” she yelled at her father who was talking on his cellphone. The girl moved, from tank to pen to hutch to cage, jabbering a...

  3. Reducto ad canis

    The icy wind swirled around his ankles and still he remained motionless. The leaves danced spirals in the dying light, a splash of colour against the grey decaying concrete background and still he remained poised for action. A filthy loincloth his only...

  4. Pretty is better

    When he asked, he was told he should wait; For a life unencumbered by hate. Upon asking “why?” A derisive reply: “It’s not like you look all that great.”

  5. Heir of the gift.

    She had been preparing for this ritual for several weeks before she knew for sure. Boy or girl, the child growing within her was the Heir of her Gift and as such she had to complete the Inheritance before birth. The deepest of magics, the most fundamen...

  6. Juliet

    I should not exist. At least that is what my fathers say. It is imperative that I do exist. That is what the Seers say. If I live, the order of the universe is threatened. That is what the Guardians say. I am, and I will endeavour to be all that I can....

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