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  1. The Terror That Moves

    The night air lay on the city like an overweight lover oozing down into every vacant hole. Walt perch dramatically against a skyline that suggests the decadence of city crime. Not that he would want to be called Walt at such a theatrical time. Covered ...

  2. small town america

    I was down in southern utah in a little town called Moab. Moab’s quite world renown for having cooler rocks than most places, and a friend from uni had given me an invite to check it out. Being into rocks at the time, I accepted and that’s ...

  3. Short Term Memory

    My roommate and I were down in the room we called the cave. We’d just got a 6 foot love sack, which is basically a fancy bean bag that costs TEXAS. We’d picked this one up on craigslist cheap. As far as I could tell it was clean too. And th...

  4. 8

    So I was wondering around the house, nothing much was going on. Or at least I hadn’t noticed much. I was going to do some laundry, and the machine is right next to the stairs. I looked down and there’s just a spider all chilling there. The ...

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