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  1. You Can't Hide Forever

    Alexi couldn’t sleep, tried for hours to fill an empty bed with a man she used to know. Now nothing more than the overbearing idea of a man. His voice always pressed against the back of her eyes, made them bulge from the pressure. “What are you wea...

  2. Will you come?

    RE: I want to be your Catholic School Girl To Maisy: Thank you for considering me for this role. You are an amazing woman, and I would love to satisfy your needs. For starters, I’m a great god. So far, I have a church of 17 followers, and may have m...

  3. Role Reversal

    “Seriously, Ash, I mean- well never mind, I won’t try to tell you, you’ll just see when we get there.” Ash liked Kali less than people normally enjoy each other, but more than he liked anyone else. She could never just be normal or calm. For h...

  4. If Adventure Calls, Let it Go to Voicemail

    Amber liquor over cold stones chipped away from a distant planet. Brought from earth back into space. He sipped impatiently, determined to enjoy it but uncomfortable with the slow onset of inebriation. There was nothing else left to enjoy, nothing but...

  5. Cracker Jack Heartbreak (Mature)

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