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I am too complicated to be described in a couple of words, but I’ll keep this short.
My name is Leah, I am 16 and a junior in high school. I love reading, so I decided to try my hand at writing. I have a FanFiction account, where I will post more in-depth stories about books and movies and whatnot. I also write book reviews on a blog that my friend and I share ownership of. It would mean a lot to me if you would comment and follow our blog, I promise to keep it updated!



  1. Prequel to Letters to Wayne

    This was too long to type on Ficly, and I didn’t feel like making different chapters for different paragraphs, so… http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7137071/1/Letters_to_Wayne

  2. The Beginning

    I want to get something straight before I feed you my secrets and thoughts. I never want to be pitied for living my life. Ever. So, if you’ve come here to stop and stare at the little broken girl you should leave and find a story written by an at...

  3. Assuming.

    If you were to look at me today, maybe you’d see an “average” 16 year old girl. You might think that I have a close familial bond and that I both love and talk to every member of my family often, that they know all of my secrets and I...

  4. A Little Push

    “Sometimes all we need is a little push.” That’s what everyone says. Just a little push and everything will be ok again. I don’t think so. Sometimes when people are given “a little push” they break. That little push ...

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