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I’m new to all of this. Writing was never my strong point in school. This is all just for fun.


  1. All that mattered.

    She never thought this day would come. All worries put aside. It was just him and her, together. Everything’s perfect. This is where she wanted to be; here, in his arms. Being held tight, with nothing else to say. The chills sent down her spine w...

  2. Why?

    Why cant we all get along for once and not fight? Why is there always a problem in our lives? Why is there no peace in this place we call home? Why must the minds of children be trashed with useless knowledge? Why is there death? Slickness? Disease? Wh...

  3. The game of her life.

    She steps onto the field; the clouds of dirt, covering the ground. Equipment bag; full of old, worn-out batting gloves, two bats; one being composite, a batting helmet; all of this pulling down on her right shoulder. With muddy, size 9 cleats, she wal...

  4. past < present

    I don’t think he understands how important to me he truly is. My past is filled with lies, abuse, cheating; i couldn’t take it anymore. Before him, I had nothing. I was treated like nothing. My life, was nothing He cheated on me with my bes...

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