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LMR is someone in their late twenties who has yet to figure out who they are and what they will be.

When she auditioned for Wheel of Fortune, she solicited the help of her internet peers in order to find an appropriate occupation. “Minutiae expert” and “internet loafer” were the two responses she got, and quite accurate ones at that. She ended up going with “freelance writer”, a half-lie since she hasn’t done that for years now.

Oddly enough, during round two of the audition process, “free-lance artist” was the puzzle she solved. She thinks it may have been a sign.

You can also find her at http://www.twoplayercoop.com, where she tries to remember about writing about media issues.


  1. From Maria to Kristin (Mature)

  2. Love Will Tear Us Apart

    “Listen,” I said, “I won’t pretend that I didn’t break your heart, but we have to work through this for the kids’ sake.” “I know,” he replied, his shoulders heavy. “It’s just hard to wat...

  3. Fidelity

    They sat at the kitchen table, silence looming over their heads. “So,” he said. “So,” she replied, pushing her eggs around her plate. Bryan pushed his plate aside, brushing Sarah’s hair out of her eyes. “We’d b...

  4. Maria Yzecka in 25 Years (Mature)

  5. An Open Letter to Radio Silence

    The sun had supposedly set hours ago — the day had been quite dreary, the clouds a dull grey comforter covering the sky, dusting all with a constant drizzle. I needed to get out of the house; while the air had cleared hours ago, I was choking on ...

  6. Room C-5, Eighth Grade Math: Mr. Dobbins

    I didn’t want this life, Sam Dobbins told himself as he reviewed yesterday’s geometry lesson with the class. He hated math, but they would only hire him if he taught it instead of English. He had no fight left in him. When Sarah left, she t...

  7. Desk #10: Maria Yzecka

    Maria Yzecka wrapped a black ringlet around her finger, her jaw slack as the hour rolled by. By all means, she should hate this class — her teachers had labeled her as one of the “unsavories”, with her penchant for black clothing, fou...

  8. Tentacles

    I took one of the deep-fried rings the waitress Left us and slipped it over your finger to see If you could still smile for me. You reached into your pack and pulled out a Cheap white pen, and as I popped another ring In my mouth, you rolled it in your...

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