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I don’t like talking about myself.


  1. Out of Things

    “Need I remind you,” I sputtered uselessly, “that I am a taxi driver? I fly aircars. I don’t do extractions, I don’t do intelligence, and mostly I don’t do Underlevel.” Underlevel was thirty miles deep at its d...

  2. The Dream of a Normal Death

    “I’m retired,” he said inanely, checking the pistol. It was loaded, of course, but she didn’t have a bullet chambered and the safety was on, so she’d learned something since the old days, at least. Anat laughed. He didn...

  3. Good for Nothing

    “I am not on drugs,” I said as I stormed into my boss’s office. “And if this is about that landing, first, it didn’t damage the aircar — I checked - and second, it wasn’t my fault anyway. Some idiot nudged me -...

  4. The Start of Something

    Have you ever tried to land an aircar in the rain? It’s not easy to begin with, managing the updrafts and all, but the wind and the water just make it that much harder. I was doing a damned fine job of it though, carefully twitching the thrusters...

  5. Later

    My mother called. “You should have come to the vigil,” she said, voice faintly accusing. “Why? You saved the world without me,” I said, and hung up. On the news, scientists tried to explain the flaws in their calculations; preac...

  6. The End of Things

    The morning news said the world would end tomorrow. A very important scientist was there to explain why, but I turned the sound off before he spoke. Aliens, asteroids, who cared why? The world was ending. My best friend called. “What are you plan...

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