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  1. Alice

    An A.K.47 has nothing on Alice. Lithe and fluid as an élan agressive and dangerous as a tiger Assault on all mortals ( and animals) In her way. She hits the kitchen running and is Out the door in 10 minutes. Family fed ,school lunches done, Kids drop...

  2. A Pigs Tale

    The market square had held young Peter Ian Gage the 1st,dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand why his brother Pig two would want to stay at home. For goodness sake there were ferris wheels,fairy floss,go carts and so much to do. He turned to his ot...

  3. Assured death

    Grains.Grains of dirt In my eyes,down my shirt Shitty gritty grains Is this my worth? A job gone wrong A shiver of pain Sweet sweet relief In the pouring rain Blood curdles in my veins No longer running free Cold cold death Welcomes me.

  4. The keeper

    My soul lies with the purgatory keeper, Release is with the confession, I am a mere chalice for the vomit of our time, I cry for death.

  5. Death

    We wake,after we die, Should we,on cold slab lie, Why cold, no feelings felt, To ashes our earthen bodies melt, Beneath the clods of ground, No sound.

  6. The Way it Was

    Three birds. No,not anymore or any less, just three birds. If I told you there were three birds,would you ask if there were more? Or perhaps if I told you there were Three birds would you think there may be less? What if I specifically,enunciated, slow...

  7. A Step Back in Time

    Opening the door ,I stepped back in time and cringed. Posters old and colourless tried hard to cling to walls .With peeling paint and poster glue fighting for supremacy against the cobwebs, a sense of desolation overcame me and I looked around in despa...

  8. Carbon Race

    Tendrils of wet cobwebs spread across the lens of the semi metal cyclops. How long had he been standing here? Seems like a millennium though millenniums sped so fast these days. The hunt for Carbon had not been good. It had been misappropriated in prev...

  9. Back to black

    A funeral should be fun! Dark clouds were hanging heavily,waiting to disgorge their bloated bellies on the already dismal group amassing below them. Dancing merrily round the tree in the prettiest black dress was THE KID. She wasn’t home when I v...

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